ICYMI: An Ode to My 'Gram Gang

Last weekend, the Instagram Stories at the top of my feed exploded with a game my friends were playing - it involves a shoutout of your friends on Instagram Stories by featuring your favourite photo from their feed. Since Instagram Stories only lasts for about 24 hours, I decided to make this shoutout last a little longer by creating a blog post so that you can check these profiles out in your own time! It's the least I could do for some of you for your support towards Dizzcoverie - for keeping my interests in photography, travel, architecture and cities at the top of my mind and to remind me that I'm not really alone in my pursuit of aesthetically pleasing spots :)

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10 hashtags to try for your next travel-related photo

The photo that you’ve just uploaded on Instagram was made possible with either blood, sweat and/or tears. You might have gone on that hike that you otherwise wouldn’t have done but you did it for the ‘gram anyway. You probably spent twenty minutes deciding which filter to use on VSCO cam, or making sure that everything is well-aligned on SKWRT. Why, of course you have to share that photo! After all, any form of photography would be considered wasted if left unseen. 

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5 Songs That Perfectly Encapsulate Job Interviews

Admit it - job interviews suck.

As much as you're excited to receive a response from your potential employer, nothing cripples you like the thought of going through the painful formalities of scheduling an interview (or two, if they like you enough), filling in forms (RIP trees), doing your homework about the company and its competitors as well as proving yourself that you're the one that they want.

Ah, if only life was like a musical. Here are a few songs we think that would be suitable for all you passive and active jobseekers:

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5 Travel Instagram Profiles To Inspire Your Wanderlust

Oftentimes we live vicariously through social media: through the feeds of our friends, family, or even our favourite celebrities and influencers. It has even become a routine for us: to check what everyone else is up to in the morning, in between work or running errands, during what is supposed to be your “Me” time and even before you go to bed.

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