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Dizzcoverie is the moniker for a social media enthusiast aspiring to be a content creator through photography and writing. This website is a creative portfolio showcasing the photography and writings of the curator/editor, a canvas where the curator/editor's interest in photography and writing intersects with her professional knowledge in social media.

Dizzcoverie is an advocate of finding joy in the journey of getting lost and found (online), and encouraging you to showcase your discoveries with the right tools. 

Dizzcoverie hopes to inspire you to discover Instagram-worthy travel spaces and places be it far or near, and get help you get discovered online for all your efforts of wandering the world. Even if you're not travelling far from home, there's always in the beauty of everyday.

Expect content chock-full of travel photos in and out of Kuala Lumpur; as well as the occasional social media tips (e.g: hashtags to use for your next photo) and miscellaneous musings on the blog!

Feel free to leave a comment or let's get social by following the Instagram page!