10 hashtags to try for your next travel-related photo



The photo that you’ve just uploaded on Instagram was made possible with either blood, sweat and/or tears. You might have gone on that hike that you otherwise wouldn’t have done but you did it for the ‘gram anyway. You probably spent twenty minutes deciding which filter to use on VSCO cam, or making sure that everything is well-aligned on SKWRT. Why, of course you have to share that photo! After all, any form of photography would be considered wasted if left unseen. 


One minute in, you haven’t received the Likes you think you deserve. Why has nobody liked my photo? Is everyone asleep? 




Next thing you know, your first like came from a bot that you may have attracted from that generic hashtag such as #like4like or #follow4follow. You then contemplate whether to delete/archive your post or question your digital presence altogether. 

Well, I’ve been there before and absolutely understand your frustration.

Lucky for you, I can be quite the geek and a hoarder when it comes to hashtags, so I’ve compiled more hashtags for you to add on to your current arsenal of hashtags! After all, some strategy to your creative output wouldn’t hurt, and who knows: you might just get featured from the hotel you’ve stayed in or the magazine that you’ve been following for many moons now!

Let’s get started…

1. #touristlytravel by @touristly


Touristly helps you plan and book unforgettable holidays, according to their Instagram bio. Pay their website a visit if you're looking for ideas on what to do in the Asia Pacific region!


2.  #appytraveling by @traveloka


Need to search the most affordable flight and hotel rates for your next trip? Look no further, Traveloka is here! Try using the hashtag #TravelokaMY if you’re from Malaysia.


3. #spottly by @spottly


Many of us who are on Instagram love a good visual and have probably saved tonnes of photos to our Collection taken by other Instagrammers. But what if you wanted to save photos beyond Instagram (and Pinterest)? Well, there's Spottly - the world's first picture-based travel guide which helps you save photos from Foursquare, Tripadvisor and Yelp, just to name a few. At least you've done a virtual site recce of those vantage points that you've been dying to recreate on your own!


4. #spottedplaces by @spottedplacesapp

photo_2017-10-25_13-57-14 (2).jpg


5. #welltravelled by @herschelsupply

photo_2017-10-25_13-57-14 (3).jpg

Even though it is a branded hashtag, it has nonetheless induced a sense of wander and attracted users from around the world to feature their travel adventures. For B2Cs, this hashtag sure makes an effective marketing strategy for Herschel!

6. #city_features by @city__features

photo_2017-10-25_13-57-14 (4).jpg

If you’re an urbanite like I am, you’ll probably gain energy and excitement from the ever-evolving environment of a city. Don’t forget to accompany your city-based photos with this hashtag!


7. #ihavethisthingwithfloors by @ihavethisthingwithfloors

 Say hello to my feet!

Say hello to my feet!

Do you love tiles? Discovered some cool-looking artwork on the floor? Well, this hashtag’s for you! Show us interesting or uncommon-looking floors that you’ve come across - best if paired with your feet in the frame. It’s also a great chance to show off your #shoefie!

8. #adventureawaits by @adventoro


Adventoro is where you can find adventure-based activities and tours around Malaysia at an affordable price. In search of an island-hopping tour or a food-trail adventure? Now you have your answer.

9. #postitfortheaesthetic by @postitfortheaesthetic

photo_2017-10-25_13-57-15 (2).jpg

Consider yourself an aesthete? Do your duty in inspiring people to visit aesthetically-pleasing spots with the help of your beautifully-captured places by using this hashtag.

10. #tinypeopleinbigplaces by @tinypeopleinbigplaces

photo_2017-10-25_13-57-15 (3).jpg

Do you find yourself not being able to edit out all the people that have unintentionally photobombed your captures? Make the most of it by using this hashtag! The person/people in your frame might be a blessing in disguise so that viewers can compare the size of the building in relative to a human being. They might also give a personalised touch to what would otherwise be just another architecture photograph!


Recap of Hashtags (so you can copy & paste straight to your next Instagram post):

#touristly #appytraveling #spottly #flyme360 #welltravelled #city_features #ihavethisthingwithfloors  #adventureawaits  #postitfortheaesthetic  #tinypeopleinbigplaces

You may think that I’m too free for keeping hashtags up my sleeve, but a little thank you would be much appreciated. Also, feel free to share this article with someone who deserves a little more Insta-lovin’!

Let me know what other Instagram tips & tricks you’d like to know and I’ll look into it to the best of my ability!