ICYMI: An Ode to My 'Gram Gang

Last weekend, the Instagram Stories at the top of my feed exploded with a game my friends were playing - it involves a shoutout of your friends on Instagram Stories by featuring your favourite photo from their feed. Since Instagram Stories only lasts for about 24 hours, I decided to make this shoutout last a little longer by creating a blog post so that you can check these profiles out in your own time! It's the least I could do for some of you for your support towards Dizzcoverie - for keeping my interests in photography, travel, architecture and cities at the top of my mind and to remind me that I'm not really alone in my pursuit of discovering aesthetically pleasing spots :)

NOTE: If you have participated in this shoutout with me and want your profile to remain private from people you don't know, do let me know and I can take your username off this list!


Pamela introduced me to this game and tagged me first, so it's best if I return the favour. We both love Uniqlo, is part of the Fuji(film) gang and I love her recent photos to Japan! Nevertheless, I found this photo from her previous trip to Osaka and I'm a sucker for symmetry, so I'm picking this photo to feature instead.

2. @bo.eyc


Photographing abandoned train tracks is on my bucket list!

3. @jianjunnnn_


Incredible shadow play by Jian Jun. Been following him for more than a year 'cos I get cafe-hopping ideas from his feed. Never got to put a face to this username 'til Dec '17 thanks to Ryan (@squarepad) - the wonders of Instagram!

I admire his dedication towards coffee and cafe flatly even thought he lives very far from cafe hotspots. He's also got travel photos featured on his Highlights!

4. @daphneyooss


Daphne has amazing B&W images and portraits, but I love this one in particular because of the colours. Looks like it was taken in LA but it’s actually in Tokyo!

She’s a lovely lady who understands the problems of staying true and authentic on Instagram while trying to maintain some sort of privacy.

5. @___junlee


I don’t know how Jun Lee makes such a messy thing in real life look so neat in this image!

Discovered her though the #coffeemeetbojio hashtag and even though I’ve not met her yet, it feels like I already have!

Her enthusiasm for taking photos is admirable.

6. @rynwong



  • OOTD ✅
  • Sneakers ✅
  • Backdrop ✅

Caryn's feed is always full of optimism and positivity - we need more of this! 💕 #lovelife

7. @nikoling14


Niko’s perspective of cafes and everyday life has been elevated with white bordered frames and a short and sweet headline. It makes each shot look very editorial and it makes my thumb stop just to see what it is about 🤗 Met her just about two weeks ago and she’s pleasant!

8. @4teeniko


I love Niko’s portrait of… Jun Lee, is that you? 😅

9. @documentingkuala



Amazing strideby, amazing symmetry 🤗

Documenting Kuala features sights of Kuala Lumpur that I rarely get to see or what a tourist won’t usually get to witness - there are also stories behind most of these images.

I’ve also learnt that Documenting Kuala has also recently launched a photowalk via Airbnb Experience! So if you want to see KL from a different perspective, do consider checking out the tour here.






10. @tanichkaachan



Can you believe that this beautiful photo was taken in Port Dickson? Apart from travelling, Tanichka loves exploring the Klang Valley in search of good food and coffee (but they’re mostly hidden in Stories 🤪)

11. @racracbaby


I love it when Rachel travels cos it makes me want to travel too 😬 She makes good use of her camera(s) too!

12. @czhoong1996


Ben is a cafe enthusiast and is dedicated to taking lots and lots of photos. He’s also willing to be the model in frame so that you can continue shooting. I love how the shadow and light leads the eyes to the cake 😋

13. @garrytaiga


Garry’s shots are almost always futuristic - I love how he uses neon lights from shops in malls as backdrops to create cool portraits like these (like Kenny Rogers?!), but this B&W one is my fave 😊 - it reminds me of Calvin Harris’ music album in his early days!

14. @justjanessa


Can you believe that this smoothie bowl was made by Vanessa? She’s many years younger than I am but I love how she owns her truth and she’s definitely more positive than I was at her age. Wishing this health enthusiast an amazing journey of self and food discovery 😌

15. @emiri_chan


Met Emily on a group trip to Penang and she’s such a sweetheart! I had a cold during the trip and she kept asking if I was okay.

I also love airports, so it’s no surprise that I picked this 😌

Hope to see you and your camera again soon (yes, make use of your camera)!

16. @_zenism_


Zen: an engineer by weekday, a cafe kaki by weekend. Always loves how he “calculates” the best angles for a photo or a shoefie. Incredibly meticulous with getting the perfect shot (even for Instagram Stories)!

Love this photo because of the shadow play and how the model is placed right smack in between two arrows 😍

17. @cleeswanders


Met Lee San briefly at a #coffeemeetbojio workshop. She’s currently based in Seoul so do check her profile out for cafes and visuals of Korea!

I love this shot because it reminds me literally and figuratively to always look up no matter where you’re situated 😌

18. @jjeremingg


So clean, so minimal, so mysterious. Thanks for discovering me, Jeremy!

19. @reuben.liu


Reuben: social media specialist turned copywriter turned content creator - excited to see what he has up his sleeves with his never-ending projects!

He shows appreciation towards the people around him by featuring portraits of them.

Taking photos in tunnels (drains???) is also on my bucket list!

20. @dane_eastwood


Dan-E’s (pronounced as Danny) favourite song is Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz (hence his username). He’s great with portraits, is super nice and supportive of photographers regardless of genre!

I like fairy lights so I’m going to choose this as my favourite photo by him 😌✨

21. @maxie_the_minischnauzer


Love how the stair lines make an interesting backdrop for this furry friend! Mad props to her mommy (Shi Mei) for managing her account. May Maxie be famous soon enough!

22. @shaoomingg


Shao Ming’s got photos which make you wonder if he captured them on film. Would love to see more of your photos sooner than later! 🤗

23. @bear.uang


Missed the sunrise/sunset? Looking for corners of Putrajaya that you might have not seen before? Looking for a running buddy? Check out Naqib’s photos and Stories 🤗🐻

I love this photo because interiors + people + reflection + geometry = 😻😻😻

24. @lichuen


Li Chuen: My favourite Insta-model 😍 Not only is she great in front of the camera and is willing to get mosquito bites for posing too long, but she is also great behind the lenses. This staircase shot is amazing - so nicely aligned and I hope your phone did not fall from this attempt 😌

25. @muhdaxmalx


People + buildings = ✅✅✅ for me 😁

Other than that, Akmal has cool travel videos as well as portraits! Go check em out! Makes me go “oooh I wish I can do that too!”

26. @cindytong86


Never realised that this is in Singapore ’til I read the caption!

Met Cindy two weekends ago and she’s such a pleasant person to talk to about travel and content creation!

May your dreams of travelling to Iceland will come sooner than later 💖

27. @sv.kmr


Fave photo by Shini (even though she previously had more photos published!) because:

  1. My elbow is in it
  2. My sunnies are in it
  3. My favourite drink is in it (iced latte)
  4. It was the first time I was acquainted with the iPhone’s portrait mode!

I'm very glad to have her in my life because she's always incredibly supportive with my whims and fancies especially when it comes to taking photos for the 'gram as well as being there for me when Reality hits! 💖

28. @sagechong


I love cities but Sage’s photos of cafes in Bali makes me want to return to the island for some cafe-hopping adventures!

Indonesia’s cafe scene is super strong and I’d like to discover more of them 😌

29. @justnatalie.ho


Loving this facade shot by Natalie! She has some incredible quotes and puns to match her photos too.

The caption for this photo is: “Some who looks outside, dreams. Some who looks inside, awakes.”

30. @lookitsaisha


#WhenPeopleMatchPlaces is a legit hashtag! Aisha does a great job living up to this tag (found another photo where she matched the place as well!) 🤪

31. @edmundevansc


Mysterious strideby

Never met Edmund before but the fact that we share mutual followers/friends makes me feel like we’ve already met.

I enjoy viewing his photos and the words he choose the accompany them. It was tough choosing just one photo but this one stood out because the blue and yellow tones remind me of white balance on a photo editing app 🤓

32. @greyy_greg


Incredible framing of the skyline by Greglyn! 😍 The colours of the sky are amazing too! 

I’ve always been super excited to visit NYC but her photos of LA has got me California Dreamin’ 😎🌴

33. @kuanyew


I agree with fellow Fuji gang Kuan Yew that life passes by - in the blink of an eye. I mean, it’s been almost 10 years since I had my first DSLR 😳

His travel photos are interesting!


That's all for now! Catch you on Instagram or in real life some other time :)